Monday, September 21, 2015

1000 years vs. 10 100 years

If I had to chose between living a 1000 year life or 10 lives each lasting 100 years, I would live 10 lives. I would chose the 10 lives because any mistakes I made in one of those lives, I could fix in the next continuously until they were all gone. living a 1000 year life would suck because being so old means you get to watch all the people you love die before you, and you are still alive. Even though you would be really famous for living that long, It would be a life full of suffering and sorrow. Both lives last a total of 1000 years but having 10 lives means you love different people each year so there isn't as much suffering as 1000 years alive. That's why I think it's better to have 10 lives each lasting 100 year instead of 1 lasting 1000 years.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Three Day Weekend

Our first three day weekend I went camping with my family. We went to Nacimiento Lake, I went with my cousins, Erick, Selene, and Vanessa. On the first day we set everything up and got ready to go to the lake. At first the lake was cold because it was pretty late, When we got cold we took a shower and started a fire. We ate sandwiches and later roasted marshmallows and made hot dogs. My brother, Erick and I stayed up late until the fire went out, we then went to bed on a very cold night. In the morning it was a bit cold but got really hot later o in the day. We had a very warm breakfast and then got ready to go to the lake again for a long time. We spent the whole day at the lake from 10:00 am to about 4:00 pm, this time the water was warm because it was about 90 degrees outside. We had lots of fun at the lake and we had tuna at the lake. Later after we showered, we started the fire once again and got ready to eat, we had a BBQ that night. after we ate we sat around the fire for the second time and made more s'mores.  That night my brother, Erick and I slept in a tent, the night wasn't as cold as the first and we slept comfortably listening to music. The next morning was our last day there and we were ready to leave. By this time most of the people at the campsite were already gone, we had hot chocolate for breakfast and then began to pack everything up. When we finished packing we got ready, for the last time, to go the lake. This time we applied a lot of sunblock because it was very hot that day, almost 100 degrees. We went to the lake to find that the water was really warm, we got in and had lots of fun. My first three day weekend was really fun.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exposition of my Independent Novel

For my independent reading novel i choose The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. This novel is part of the Maze Runner trilogy. I choose this because I have read and watched The Maze Runner and thought it was a good book/movie. The Scorch Trials is following the first books story, it's a really fun and exciting book so far. Right now i think the exposition is when the floor collapses while the gladers are eating under ground. In this book there are many interesting and exciting things happening in the book, but the floor collapsing is the most exciting thing so far. That is why I chose this novel and what I think the exposition is at the moment.

Friday, May 29, 2015

teens shouldn't smoke

Teens shouldn’t smoke

Being aware of what cigarettes can do to you and the bad things they can cause can keep you from smoking any more. Teenagers should stop smoking and be aware of what cigarettes can do to them because they are very unhealthy, cigarette expenses are expensive, and smoking can be very addicting.

Smoking in your early teens can lead to heart attacks in your early 30s and 40s. Smoking
Description: unhealthy because it can lead to many diseases and can lead to death. The most severe thing you can get from smoking cigarettes is cancer, smoking leads to many kinds of cancer. The types of cancer they can give you are: cancer in the mouth, bladder, cervix, blood, colon and rectum, esophagus, kidney and ureter, larynx, liver, oropharynx (throat, tongue, soft palate, and tonsils),pancreas, stomach, trachea , bronchus and lung. Smoking can lead to many kinds of cancer in many different places leading to a non-healthy life.  Many people think that one cigarette won't hurt, but studies show that light smoking has the same effect on the body as heavy smoking. Smoking also causes things like: shortness of breath, frequent severe headaches, respiratory problems that worsen, coughing spells, wheezing or gasping, increase in phlegm,  worse cold and flu symptoms, and worse health overall. Smoking, whether lightly or heavily, have the same effects that can lead to many kinds of cancer in many parts of the body, and a bad health or and unhealthy life.

After many years of smoking and being unhealthy because of smoking, you may die. ⅓ of teen smokers will die prematurely, the other ⅔ will have a very unhealthy life living with some kind of cancer due to smoking. Smoking leads to heart disease and stroke which can at one point kill you, smoking also reduces your physical fitness. It reduces your physical fitness because smoking causes shortness of breath making you have very heavy breaths when running, not allowing you to run for long distances and stay fit. Without being fit and having heart disease, it is very likely you will be one of the three people who die prematurely. Tobacco is the leading death of Americans, people who smoke die 13-14 years earlier then they should.  according to the article “ What kinds of illnesses and death are caused by smoking cigars?” on staes that “ regular cigar smokers are 4 to 10 times more likely to die from cancer from cigar fumes, people who inhale the smoke are linked to this too.” This article also says that smokers are 7 times more likely to die from tongue, mouth and/or throat cancer and 39 times more likely to die of cancer in the larynx ( voice box). they also face about 3 times the risk of death from cancer in the pancreas and 4 times the risk of death from bladder cancer. All this showing how smoking leads to an unhealthy life and easier chance of death at an early age.

In 2012 $9.7 billion was spent on cigarette ads, and in 2014 264 billion cigarettes were sold. A pack of cigarettes can cost $10.56 at most, the average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes is $6.28. Cigarettes can be very expensive at times and make you spend a lot of
Description: on them due to addiction. From smoking you will spend about $2,000 a year, sometimes smoking can cost you your life. In the America $9.6 billion a year for marketing is spent, $26 million a day or $1 million an hour, the US is the fourth largest producing of cigarettes followed by China, India and Brazil. The picture shows cigarette costs in
billions from 2000-2014. Smoking related illnesses in U.S cost $300 billion each year and is about 75% of the United States health expenses. In a year, 1.5 million cigarette packs are sold to under aged people.
To an unemployed teen, smoking can cost you everything, smoking can cost you your life.

Each day, nearly 4,000 kids try a cigarette, and 1,000 become regular smokers.
Although some people find that smoking can relieve stress and can help the memory and concentration, smoking causes addiction whether young or old. Scientist have found that nicotine, which is found in cigarettes, can help people with Alzheimer’s. They are trying to produce a pill containing nicotine without the side effects of cancer and other smoking related diseases. Although it wont help cure Alzheimer’s, it will still give people a few more years without it. Medical researchers still neglect this because they believe this pill still has many deadly side effects like cancer. I think they should continue to neglect this because it has the same side effects as smoking. Nicotine is very addicting which will cause people who take this medication to become addicted to it and they may overdose on their medication.

In 2012, 23% of 9-12th graders had used some kind of tobacco in the past month, about 9 out of 10 teenagers smoke before they’re 18. Nearly all tobacco uses happened before
Description: school graduation and become hooked in high school. From the picture, you can see that cigarettes are the most common tobacco use in 2011 and 2012 from both middle school and high school students. Teen smokers will likely be addicted by high school due to nicotine being very addicting. 1 of 4 high school seniors smoke, if they are doing light smoking it will soon lead to heavier smoking, light smoking also has the same amount of damage as heavy smoking. Even though nicotine can help the memory,
teens should not smoke because it is very addicting.

Although scientist found that nicotine can help the memory, teenagers should not smoke because it is unhealthy, costs them a lot of money yearly, and is highly addicting.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Family Reunion

It was a cold gloomy night about seven o’clock, his soft scratchy voice spoke through the rain. “When I was younger my relationship with my parents wasn't very good. My relationship with my dad was never good.” he said plainly and emotionless. “ I didn't really like school, but what kid does. I told my dad and he kicked me out immediately. I was about nine, I had nowhere to go except my uncles house so I did,We lived in Villanueva, Zacatecas Mexico. ” again no emotion at all. “I could only stay for a while so soon I left, I worked at a really young age and didn't make much money because I didn't know if what they were paying me was right.” now with some sadness he continued. “ I was on the news, my parents looked for me even though they were the ones to kick me out. I didn't go back even after seeing that, but when I did it was only to see how my mom was doing. My dad was an alcoholic and sometimes cheated on my mom. one day while I was there he came home and saw me all I did was exit paying no attention to him like he did to me.” back to emotionless, still his soft starchy voice spoke on. " When I got a bit older I decided I was going to go to america. I told my brother and he went with me. we had no other way to get there but to walk since we were still quite young. On our journey there was a lot of walking and getting tired, One night we slept on a beach and another we got lucky and found an abandoned cabin. What we didn't know was that there was something in there, a skunk, it sprayed my brother in the face!" a small chuckle escaped through his teeth. " The next day he still stunk and he couldn't get clean in any possible way. We had small backpacks full of canned food and a mixture which expands when its in your stomach. That mixture was great, a little filled us up and it was most of what we were living on. Getting closer we got jobs to get more food, I got a job at a restaurant were I got money, food, and a place to sleep." his eyes brightened a bit and his smile overcame his small frown. " The lady who gave me food took great care of me and was very nice, but again I had to go because I needed more money. I got another job roofing, a guy at the restaurant had told me about it. I got paid 100 pesos(about $1000) a week AND I got a free lunch. After a few months of working there I decided I didn't really need to go to America because I got paid enough were I was. I worked a bit longer and soon I went back to my parents, later on I met your grandma and I knew she was the one." everyone around the table was still listening in awe waiting for the end. " After a few years we moved to Nevada when your grandma was pregnant with your uncle. We already had your two aunt. We lived in a cabin and I hunted, but we were not making enough so when we were about to have your mom we moved back to Mexico. A few years later we had your other aunt, and about 12 years later we moved to San Luis Obispo and lived on Laurel street in the blue apartments. That is the end of my story." happy and sleepy the family left and I was off to bed at around 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Long Dark Tunnel

Today I read chapter 30 from The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. I think Jorge and the rest of the cranks planed what is happening. I think Brenda will lead Thomas to the wrong pkace, maybe Jorge and Brenda are part of the group WICKED. I think Brenda and Thomas will find the other gladers or more cranks within the long, dark tunnel.

The Cranks

Today I read chapter 29 of The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. I think Thomas, the gladers and the 2 cranks will make it to the safe house. Maybe the cranks will betray the gladers and kill them. I think Brenda likes Thomas and Jorge will become jealous because of it. That's what I think will be in the next chapter.